Corredor Ecológico Monte Pascoal - Pau Brasil

Joining efforts to recover and protect the biome

Corredor Ecológico Monte Pascoal - Pau Brasil
Reconnecting forests for life to thrive in southern Bahia

The conservation of the Atlantic Forest has a direct and daily impact on the lives of 70% of the Brazilian population who live in areas that are or were once part of its forest. The Mosaic of Protected Areas of the Extreme South of Bahia (MAPES) is one of the five regions with the greatest biodiversity on the planet. The project works in this area in close collaboration with landowners and indigenous peoples to establish ecological corridors between the Pau Brasil and Monte Pascoal national parks. The objective is to initially restore 70 hectares by planting native species to form corridors between the remaining fragments of the Atlantic Forest. It therefore will allow species isolated by deforestation to move and reproduce, helping to conserve and revitalize the biome during this process.

Regenera América

Focus of action


Biome: Atlantic Forest

Region: Costa do Descobrimento - Bahia - Brazil

Partner: NGO Natureza Bela

Objective: Connection of the Pau Brasil and Monte Pascoal national parks, which are home to large populations of endemic and endangered species, through ecological corridors.

Goal: Restoration of 70 hectares of degraded forest

Carbon to be sequestered: 26,950 tons of CO2

Social impact


Families/Producers Benefited: 12

People Benefited: 10

Hectares: 70

Municipality: Santa Cruz Cabrália

Population: 27,922

Properties: 3

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