Regenerative Action

In order to fight climate change and its impacts, it is necessary to act now and on several fronts. One of the fundamental actions is to protect our biodiversity.

The climate crisis demands action

Planeta tierra

Climate Changes

Protecting nature is an effective response

Humanity is already feeling the effects of climate change in its daily life. One of the most effective ways of reversing this problem is to protect our biodiversity. Let us join efforts to recover what was lost and to conserve what we still have.

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It's time to restore, conserve and regenerate.

We have launched the Regenerate America program

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Protecting Biodiversity

We will invest in Latin America's iconic biomes

Mercado Libre will fund restoration and conservation initiatives. With 40% of the planet's biodiversity, the region’s forests serve as extremely important carbon sinks by capturing and storing carbon.

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We will protect Latin America's biodiversity.

The global importance of Latin America's biomes

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Latin American biomes

Biodiversity that preserves the climate and guarantees life

Latin America shelters some of the planet's most important biomes. They are forests, woods and grasslands with exuberant flora and fauna and large water reserves. Protecting this ecological wealth is essential for fighting against climate change and ensuring environmental services that are essential to life.

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We will begin with the Atlantic Forest.

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