Mantiqueira Conservation

Mantiqueira Conservation

Joining efforts to recover and protect the biome

Atlantic Forest, source of life and water to millions

The region of influence of the Mantiqueira Mountain Range is an important area of the Atlantic Forest that spreads through the Brazilian southeastern region. It covers an area of 10 million hectares, which includes 284 cities. It has five main watersheds, some responsible for supplying over 20 million people in the two major metropolises of Brazil, and has various species of animals and endemic plants, some in danger of extinction. In its communities live, just like us, people that depend on the ecosystem services provided by the biome for survival and for their production.

Focus of Action

In order to reestablish ecosystem services it is necessary to give scale for the restoration of the biome. For this reason, Mantiqueira will be one of the program's first areas of focus.

Biome: Atlantic Forest - Brazil

Region: Mantiqueira

Partner: The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Objective: Restoration of native forests with through natural regeneration, contributing towards the protection of watersheds that supply two of the largest cities in Brazil.

Goal: Restoration of more than 2,700 hectares

Carbon to be captured (tCO2e): 640 thousand tons of CO2 in 25 years

Socio-environmental impact

About 500 benefited families / producers.
Natural regeneration equivalent to 6 million trees.
Generation of payments for ecosystem services to producers.

About Mantiqueira:

  • 10 million hectares in three states SP, RJ and MG
  • Restoration potential of 1.2 million ha of Atlantic Forest
  • 284 cities / municipalities
  • 8 million residents
  • 184 thousand rural properties (average area of 50 ha)
  • 5 main watersheds
  • 20 million people benefited
Atlantic Forest, source of life and water to millions

An iniciative implemented by

the nature conservancy