Novas Florestas

Novas Florestas

Joining efforts to recover and protect the Atlantic Forest

Regenerating the Atlantic Forest in the most populous region of South America

Situated across multiple locations in São Paulo, the most populous state in Brazil, this project aims to restore 155 hectares of forests by planting 279,000 native trees from the Atlantic Forest biome. In doing so, the Novas Florestas (New Forests) project will contribute to the preservation of the most threatened biome in Brazil. It is home to incredible biodiversity, with over 23,000 plant species and 2,000 vertebrate species, many of them found only in this biome. In addition, the restoration of this Atlantic Forest corridor is important for the climate cycle as well as the recovery of water reserves in the region, which is responsible for supplying water to millions of people and organizations. Local communities will be involved in the process of collecting seeds for reforestation.

Focus of Action

Biome: Atlantic Forest

Region: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Partner: Pick-upau Environmental Agency

Objective: To reforest different critical points of the Atlantic Forest in the state of São Paulo, in partnership with small landowners.

Goal: To restore 155 hectares of Atlantic Forest by planting 279,000 trees

Carbon to be captured (tCO2e): 38.004

Carbon credits: 38,004

Socio-environmental impact

Properties: 19
Families/Producers benefited: 19
People benefited: 50
Municipality: Various towns in the countryside of Sao Paulo
Population: More than 44 million people live in the State of São Paulo

Regenerating the Atlantic Forest in the most populous region of South America

An iniciative implemented by

Pick Upau